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Software is revolutionizing the automotive industry and powering modern experiences including connected and autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, and industrial IoT.

Come work with us and join our calling of excelling at cloud, mobile, in-vehicle, and other embedded systems by honing in on highly disciplined practices of test driven development, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and pair programming.





Ashok Sivanand

Co-founder, CEO
Prior to founding Integral, Ashok was an Associate Director at Pivotal Labs, where he worked closely with Pivotal’s enterprise clients to adopt modern software development practices such as Lean Startup and Extreme Programming.
In his most recent role, Ashok started Pivotal’s Michigan practice and grew a team of 18 practitioners in 7 months.

Before Pivotal, Ashok worked at Shoplogix (an early-stage industrial IoT startup) and EDS, where he developed plant-floor applications at CAMI Automotive (GM/ Suzuki collaboration).

Ashok holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and enjoys riding motorcycles, mountain bikes, and surfboards. 

Ashok was featured by CIO magazine alongside Ford’s CIO Marcy Klevorn (December 2015): Ford draws on Pivotal to reshape developer culture

Hemant Kishan

Hemant Kishan

VP Client Engagement and Chief Operating Officer

Hemant joined Integral in 2018 and brings his passion for clients, all things startup and efficient operations to his role at Integral.

Previously, Hemant was head of Enterprise Strategy and Emerging Technology at General Motors and earlier VP of Technology at Sapient Corp where he was a startup employee. Hemant started his career in manufacturing automation working specifically on the launch of the Saturn brand in the early 90’s.

Hemant has a BSEE from Norwich University, VT and a Masters in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA. He is an amateur naturalist and photographer with work published by Texas Parks & Wildlife, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the US Army.

Xing Zhou

Xing Zhou

Associate Director of Engineering

In his role as an architect, Xing leads the evolution of Integral's engineering practices around our development methodology, and approach to architecture and design. 

Prior to joining Integral, Xing held software engineering roles at Pivotal Labs and Amazon. 

Xing is a father, a husband, and often competes in adventure races.

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At Integral, our team values transparency and feedback, are passionate about software, and like to solve problems together. We’re excited about the revolutionary changes in the transportation and mobility industry. If you enjoy collaborating with great people and helping create solutions for the future of mobility, we want you to join us.

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